GitView’s platform is all about taking data and transforming it to make it easier to analyze and understand. In the same spirit, I hope I’ve made it a bit easier for you to see all your options in the git analytics/software engineering analytics space. 

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– Jon, Founder at GitView

GitView was modeled after the most expensive git analytics solutions, but for a fraction of the cost. You’ll likely find the highest value with this option.

$10 per dev/month 

After GitPrime was created, Code Climate created Velocity, its take on git analytics. It comes with a heavier price tag.

$37 per dev/month 

Formerly GitPrime, Pluralsight Flow contains unique tools that integrate into their learning platform. The highest cost in the space.

$42 per dev/month 

Waydev has a higher focus on measuring individual engineer performance and comes with a higher price tag.

$37 per dev/month 

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Blue optima markets themselves as the enterprise/fortune 500 solution.

$59 per dev/month

GitClear has unique opinions that differentiate it from the other platforms like not valuing churn as a metric.

$19 per dev/month 

Linearb is looking to take on the top git analytics platforms while offering other analytics unrelated to git.

$25 per dev/month

Allstacks isn’t primarily a git analytics platform. Cool product, but you may not find everything you’re looking for if the above options sound more familiar.

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Similar to Allstacks, PinPoint has a unique take in this space that isn’t quite the same as the other platforms above. 

$10 per dev/month takes more of a social/mixed with music take on git analytics. Offering free solutions for individuals.

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